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T1855 Bridal Wreath

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Instant Download:  T1855 Bridal Wreath design as well as quilt block

It comes all sizes with and without baste stitch square block outline.

To be used for machine embroidery



T1855 Sketch Bridal Wreath sizes included in the download:


With Baste Stitch Square Outline:

4x4 Block: 3.78x3.78"h/ 12571 stitches

5x5 Block: 4.78x4.78"h/ 16743 stitches

6x6 Block: 5.78x5.78"h/ 19880 stitches

7x7 Block: 6.78x6.78"h/ 23788 stitches

8x8 Block: 7.78x7.78"h/ 27909 stitches


NO Baste Stitch Block Outline:

3.78x3.78"h/ 12237 stitches

4.78x4.78"h/ 17046 stitches

5.78x5.78"h/ 20614 stitches

6.78x6.78"h/ 24619 stitches

7.78x7.78"h/ 29283 stitches